Pergola Canopy

Wooden Pergola Canopy
Already have a pergola in your garden or considering placing one? You might want to consider a pergola canopy to provide you with additional shade during hot summer days, shelter you from the rain and provide a comfortable outdoor living area during long, silent winter nights.

Different Pergolas
Pergolas come in different forms and shapes, but consist basically of two or more wooden columns, connected by a horizontal beam. On top of this construction small beams can be placed sideways to provide the classic pergola look.

Pergolas provide a great way to support your garden plants, especially climbing plants. Sometimes a fully grown-over pergolas on a silent winter day gives you the mystical feeling of being in a deserted forest.
Since the basic idea of a pergola is simple, the possibilities are endless when it comes to different canopies.

There are some different possibilities:

Static Canopy
Easily to place if you already have a pergola surrounding your terrace, hot tub or garden Pergola Canopy Topviewlounge area. Simply mount a netting of cross-wiring between the pergolas and fix a water-proof and durable canopy to the wiring. There are multiple ways of fixing the canopy. If you want to remove the canopy depending on the season you might want to consider a flexible mounting technique like clamps or detachable straps.

Retractable Canopy
When your Pergola is close to your home, you can consider mounting a canopy to the exterior wall of your home. A well placed support-free canopy can complement your pergola perfectly, providing a seamless fit, and gives the impression of a fully integrated pergola canopy.
If this is not possible you can use sliding rails or even cables to support your retractable canopy, moving the canopy along these tracks/rails when you want to enjoy the view of the sky or simply enjoy the sun.

Pergolas are available in home improvement stores throughout the country, and are available online in convenient building kits. Ranging from $ 350 to well over $ 3000 you can find a pergola suitable for your wallet. Being easy to assemble and erect, this is a perfect job for a nice weekend around the house. Make sure your foundation is solid, preferably anchored in concrete or bolted to a solid underground. Plants growing on your pergola can dramatically increase the wind catching surface of the pergola. Also heavy snowfall on your pergola canopy can put a huge strain on your pergola and foundation.

When you have a detachable pergola canopy, you can even get multiple canopies and adopt them to the season or occasion. Imagine having a warm red canopy for a long winter's night, while having a crisp and clean white canopy for a classy garden party you and your spouse can host in the summer.

A canopy is also ideal to protect your outdoor swimming pool against leave shed and other debris from falling in, whilst protecting you and your loved ones from the dangerous UV radiation. Make sure your canopy is chlorine resistant; you don’t want your colors to fade when the pool is being used when the kids (our yourself) are having a full-blown water fight.

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