Backyard Canopy

Do you have a garden and you want to make the most of it? Don’t wait for the sun to shine, but take control yourself. Improve your garden to make it your favorite spot the whole year around. One tip that works for every single garden: get a backyard canopy.  Not every country has this nice sunny climate that makes it able for you to live in your garden. And even if you have sunshine every day, you might need a nice private place in your garden which can provide you with some shelter. Whether this shelter is build for rain or sun protection – or both – it will improve your outdoor living.

Large and luxurious

For those who can afford, a backyard canopy can function as an outdoor living room. Well designed with fancy lounge furniture, build in lights, automatic screens and everything you can imagine you might also enjoy in your garden. It can be a permanent place, your own little hideaway in the garden.  But even if you do have the space for a luxurious extra lounge spot, you might want to use this space for different purposes at some times during the year. Therefore, there are many different canopies available that you can easily place yourself and move or store wherever and whenever you like. That doesn’t mean that you have to go for an easy, plastic, do-it-yourself canopy that is mainly used for garden parties, there is a big range of qualities out there.

Small and flexible

The size of your garden might seem very important for the use of it. Whoever has a small garden, often sticks to simple tiles, some bushes and flowers and maybe a small shed. Still, also in small gardens you would like to have a comfortable place to sit, to relax during the day but also at night times. A backyard canopy is great solution for these garden purposes. It doesn’t have to be big and it doesn’t have to look cheap. Some very elegant canopies are available for different prices. There are canopies designed like very luxurious lounge beds that you normally would find next to a swimming pool of a five star hotel. Some look like little Arabic tents, think one thousand and one nights. Often, the frame is flexible. Either you decide to store it once you don’t use the canopy, or could place the frame in your garden permanently, maybe even add some climbing plants to the poles. It’s all up to you.

Match with the house

Choosing the right backyard canopy isn’t all about the size of your garden. It’s also the style of your house. It is very important to choose a design that matches with the house. Think about it as a long term thing. You don’t want to buy yourself a new one every spring. Think natural, look at color use that you’ve already chosen for the house. Is there an option to replace the fabric easily? All these things should help you to improve your garden and to have an excellent time enjoying your outdoors.

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